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Site Preparation, Specified Products and Finish, Tools, Curing, Protection

Success equals the right products, tools, experience, and a well thought out contingency plan.

Site Preparation

Concrete Subgrades and Subbases Tutorial

Longest side of any panel no more than 1.5 Times the shortest and tooled 1/4 slab depth

Please include one photo taken from the foot of the driveway toward the garage showing all aspects of what’s been checked in this section and if possible the house number usually visible at this stage. And another photo showing masking provisions of windows, siding and any adjacent vehicles.

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Specified Products and Finish

Concrete Alberta recommends DURA-MIX® - The DURA-MIX® name is a registered trademark and CAN ONLY be labeled and supplied as such by Concrete Alberta Members who follow the DURA-MIX® formula in preparing a batch of concrete.

Finishing and Protection Products

Please include one photo of the pick-up parked in front of the same house as the previous photo with the pail of Evaporation Retarder and sprayer, storm tarps, all of the placing and finishing tools intended to be used and even the pail of curing compound and another sprayer.

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Curing and Protection

Personal Protective Equipment


Please include one photo of of the weather radar application forecast supporting responses to this section as well as to the Risk Management Assessment section that follows.

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Risks and Controls

Rate each risk low, medium or high and identify if control measures were implemented.

Plastic Shrinkage

Rain / Thunderstorms in Forecast


Random Cracking

Mortar Flaking

Scaling / Pealing

Slab Heaving

Slab Sinking

Later Surface Issues



STOP, Step Back and Observe

THINK Through the Task

ASSESS How Things Might Go Differently

REVIEW and Document Findings

TALK it Through and Complete the Task