Talent Tuesdays

Recruitment and retention are commonly identified as the #1 challenge facing the building materials industry today.

The Alberta economy is moving in a positive direction, employment outlook remains strong, and the members of our Concrete Wins allied associations are predicted to see continued labour and talent shortages in certain areas of the industry across Canada.

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Join us for a Recruiting and Retention Winter Webinar Series presented by Concrete Wins Alberta. Free for Canadian Concrete, Aggregate, Cement & Masonry Association Member Employees.  Running from October 2022 to March 2023.

Learn about why it's equally as important to invest in our businesses' abilities to retain people as much as we invest in our abilities to make and sell products. 

The cost of turnover isn't just about money spent on recruitment.  When an employee leaves, they take about 70% of their knowledge with them. 

The seminars will strive to bring relevant and valuable information for all members of Concrete Wins allied associations, regardless of employee numbers – from small business operations to corporate operations.

2022 Program with Speaker Bios

Webinar Series


Tuesday, November 1, 2022 

11:00am MT

Mark Nesbitt, Nesbitt Training 
Certified Trainer & Keynote Speaker 

About Mark

Mark Nesbitt is an active member of the construction community. He brings 30 years of “boots on the ground” experience to the table. He's a firm believer that the key to success is through investing in your people and promoting quality leadership. For nearly a decade, Mark has worked with well over 100 companies to develop their leadership skills, helping them create an attractive workplace that retains their best people.

What You'll Learn

We rarely leave the company, we usually leave the leader. In this webinar, Mark will be covering how quality leadership attracts, and most importantly retains your best people. He's excited for the opportunity to share some simple, yet very “easy-to-apply” skills that have been proven to work with leaders around the world. “Everything rises and falls on leadership” — it’s the one thing we have any control over.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022 

11:00am MT

Shelley Walker, Founder / CEO
Women's Trucking Federation of Canada

Anna Gordon MIRHR CHRL, Founder
Focused Ambition

Raji Ramanan, Adj. Faculty / Advisory Board
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

About The Panel

Shelley Walker is the CEO of non-profit Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada.  She has 30 years of experience supporting the Transportation/Trucking industry as an award-winning reputable and respected leader, spokesperson and professional driver.

Anna Gordon has over a decade of experience in HR at large organizations and in private career coaching.  She helps companies identify strategic human resources challenges and implement real improvements from the employee to the organizational level.

Raji Ramanan is an award-winning and certified HR Executive and Leadership Coach.  She has 23 years of career experience across 17 countries, 4 continents, and multiple industries including concrete & construction, Raji is a sought-after Global Human Resources Expert in Organization, Talent & Leadership Development, Coaching & Career Development, Diversity & Inclusion, among others.

What You'll Learn

All are welcome parts of teams in the aggregate, concrete, cement & masonry teams. But how do we ensure that our recruiting, hiring, & retention approaches are truly supportive of diversity and inclusion? And how do we change the perception of the employee face of our collective industries?

Our "Recruiting for Diversity" panelists will share their knowledge from leading hour best practices to boots-on-the-ground experiences and perspectives from multiple industries to help you address these critically-important questions in your own business.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2022 

11:00am MT

Josée Larocque-Patton, The HR ICU
CEO & Best-Selling Author

About Josée

Human Resources Expert specializing in HR emergencies, problem solving, crisis management and overall performance management. Josée began her HR career on the waters more than 18 years ago with Celebrity Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Lines and eventually landing in the Bahamas. 

Works with small and medium sized businesses in industries including Construction, trades , Landscaping, not for profit, entertainment, health care and more in Canada and the US as their trusted HR advisor. Assisting with anything from M&A’s, hiring packages, policies and procedures, employee handbooks, health & safety, AODA, Covid-19 challenges, employee engagement, performance management and more. 

Josée published her first book called Navigating HR – Simple Tips for People Leaders which is available on Amazon. She is  also a Forbes Business Council Member and writes for Forbes online.

What You'll Learn

The pandemic has put a new twist on our workforce. What have you done as a business to differentiate yourself from the market?  What tools have you provided to your leaders to help retain the talent you do have? Join us to discuss ways to strengthen the relationships with your key players while still focusing on attracting new candidates in your market.

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