Talent Tuesdays Webinar Recap

The Talent Tuesdays Recruiting and Retention Winter Webinar Series is proudly presented by Concrete Wins Alberta as a way to address recruitment and retention challenges facing the building materials industry.


Mark Nesbitt, Nesbitt Training 
Certified Trainer & Keynote Speaker 

About Mark

Mark Nesbitt is an active member of the construction community. He brings 30 years of “boots on the ground” experience to the table. He's a firm believer that the key to success is through investing in your people and promoting quality leadership. For nearly a decade, Mark has worked with well over 100 companies to develop their leadership skills, helping them create an attractive workplace that retains their best people.

Webinar Recap

We rarely leave the company, we usually leave the leader. In this webinar, Mark covers how quality leadership attracts, and most importantly retains your best people. He's shares some simple, yet very “easy-to-apply” skills that have been proven to work with leaders around the world. “Everything rises and falls on leadership” — it’s the one thing we have any control over.