Environmental Product Declarations

To demonstrate LEED v4 product sustainability performance, building product manufacturers are required to submit Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). This includes concrete mixes produced by Canadian Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA) members.

What Defines a Product?

A product, according to LEED v4, is defined by the distinct function it serves. Most building components such as supports, stairs and flooring all qualify as products.

Concrete has a distinct advantage compared to other building materials in that it has such a diverse range of purposes in building, from footings and columns to sidewalks and parking lots. Furthermore, each of these applications require a unique mix design and are all qualified as fundamentally different products as per LEED. This creates a situation where using concrete in its many variations, a builder is able to reach a significant number of the 20 required products, or the 50% of products by cost used in a building.

The Value of EPDs

  • Self-Declared: ¼ Value - Not third-party verified
  • Industry-Average EPDs: ½ Value - Third-party verified
  • Product-Specific EPDs: Full Value - Third-party verified

The CRMCA Member Industry-Wide EPD report is available to all Concrete Alberta members and contains 125 mix designs chosen to represent the most common types of concrete utilized across the provinces.

Learn More

A summary of these mix designs can be found in the following documents along with instructions on the process required to obtain LEED v4 credits.

CRMCA EPD for LEED v4 Credits